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Button immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company about the intrusion, gas leak, or fire; Moreover, it can request medical help and inform relatives about a sudden health deterioration in just one click; In the panic mode, the device supports 4 types of alarms; They define the event’s code sent to an alarm monitoring company and the notification text received by users; An accurate alarm response is guaranteed; Moreover, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with a single or double clicks;
Medical alert button
Clip Button to a string or mount it by the bed of a person whose health condition requires constant monitoring; One click requests an ambulance;
Control mode
Turn off the lights, switch on home appliances, lower the roller blinds or open the gate with a single click; The Button is always at hand to help you control things;
Automate routine actions
Click Button as you close the shop for night; It’s located right by the entrance door so you can avoid wearisome routine; Switch off the house lights, shop-window illumination and all of the signs simultaneously; Next morning, click once again to prepare your business for welcoming the new customers;
Without false alarms
The body of the Ajax Button is designed to prevent false alarm even if you sit or lay on it; To further prevent false alarms you can set Button to react only on double-click or long-press;
Guarantees alarm delivery
Ajax panic button communicates with a hub using Jeweller radio protocol on a distance of up to 1300 m; Once it delivers an alarm, you’ll see a green blink; Jeweller encrypts all of the transmitted data; In case of signal interference or radio jamming, Ajax system switches the radio frequency and notifies you as well as the security company about the situation;


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