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Paradox TM70 Touchscreen keypad

The TM70 are touch screen input keypads designed to communicate with Paradox control panels; and offer user friendly interface.
Offers vivid colors and two sizes to select; 7inch – TM70

The TM70 LCD color display resolution is 800 x 400 pixels.
Come with an external SD media card (4GB); 2GB free space for uploading jpegs for screen savers.

7Inch (177;8mm) vivid color display
Compatible with Swan; EVO and Spectra
Built - in zone input
Customizable labels (zones; partitions; users; and PGMs)
External SD Media Card slot (4GB with 2GB of free space) for uploading photos; acts like a digital picure frame
Firmware upgradable via SD card or Bus with Swan system
Indoor temperature reading

Please note:

Power requirements for this keypads is at 250mA; please calculate your power consumption as an additional system power supply might be required.
EVO192; MG5050 & SP6000 are compatible. (Minimum version for each panel below).
EVO192 Version 2.50 and above
MG5050 Version 4.74 and above
SP6000 Version 4.94 and above
SP65 Version 4.96 and above


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