NVX80-B00 Outdoor Infared Detector


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Paradox new NVX80 wired high end motion detector with Anti-Mask and SeeTrue™ technology for indoor or outdoor use.


Paradox SeeTrue™ technology significantly improves detection response for both IR and microwave (MW) sensor technologies greatly decreasing false alarms
Paradox Active IR anti-mask recognizes the degradation of lens clarity and objects blocking the main lens within 30 cm of the detector
8 detection channels:
2x Quad PIR for short and long range detection (4 channels)
1 x Independent Quad PIR for Creep Zone Detection (2 channels)
1 x 2-Output MW antenna (2 channels)
MW Anti-mask allows for detection of close proximity movements (0.75 m - 2 m) - this close proximity range is adjustable
Paradox's proven Pet Immunity active for false alarm rejection in the short and medium detection ranges (note: Creep Zone detection neutralized)
3rd generation Paradox digital detection technology delivering improved detection and false alarm rejection
15 meter x 15 meter coverage
3 meter x 3 meter Creep Zone protection
Easy Slide installation
Color OLED display featuring menu-driven; intuitive screens
Comprehensive diagnostics: individual testing for PIR; MW and anti-mask technologies
SoloTestTM for easy walk test execution
Three configurable relay outputs - these outputs are also reported by the Digiplex EVO bus
Sleek; vandal-resistant design and tough construction

Will this detector work for me?
- Do ensure that the unit’s detection beams are perpendicular to the anticipated movement.
- Keep a minimum distance between adjoining NVX80 detectors to prevent MW cross interference; see the
beam pattern diagram.
- Do place the unit under a roof; awning; or use our all-weather cover for an outdoor installation.
- Do install the within the suggested range: installing the unit lower than 2.5 meter may compromise the
Pet Immunity capability; installing over 3.0 meter may require use of our swivel bracket adjusted downward
shifting the Pet Immunity beam and neutralizing the creep zone. Installing the unit over 3.0 meter does not
affect the creep zone.

- Don’t direct the unit’s beams into swaying trees or bushes.
- Don’t place the detector facing direct sunlight or near a heat source ; as it might interfere with the Active IR anti-mask feature.
- Don’t place any objects; such as shelves; ledges or plants; below the unit.
- Don’t place any reflective objects within 2 meter of the unit; as this may interfere with the MW anti-mask capabilities.


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