NV37MS In/Outdoor Wired Curtain Detector


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The NV37MS provides a superior wired outdoor and indoor solution for windows and sliding doors. The detector is optimized to discriminate false alarms triggered by small birds; cats and dogs.

The detector has two operation modes:
Pet Immunity Mode protection is provided for outdoor windows and sliding doors measuring up to 7.5 x 2m(25 x 7 ft). For indoor applications; pet immunity can be optionally switched off to provide Sharp Mode protection with enhanced detection for indoor windows and sliding doors up to 10 x 2m(33 x 7ft) with dual verification detection.

The NV37MS uses an extremely narrow beam optic pattern of 0.5m at 5m(1.6 ft at 16 ft); enabling movement in proximity to the protected door or window without false alarms.

The NV37MS replace the NV35 with greatly improved anti-mask detection; a dedicated anti-mask chip; improved stability; better flse alarm rejection with dual detector design; and paradox's Super Pet Immunity.

For outdoor use; the NV37 series provides superior detection while rejecting small birds; cats and dogs (refer to Detector Beam Patterns). While indoor; using the Sharp mode provides extended range and enhanced detection.

The Wired Solid Stte Relay and the EVO version have passed EN Grade 3 and the Wireless version has passed EN Grade 2.


Outdoor / indoor protection solution for windows and sliding doors
Pet Immune detection - Optical pet discrimination geometry to support Super Pet Immunity
Anti-masking - Dedicated chip Active IR detection for sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 30 cm (12 in)
Dual detectors controlled by Full Authority Digital Electronics Control (FADEC)
Pre-mask visual LED indicator
Dual tamper detection
Creep zone detection
Easy installation; optional mounting bracket
Requires 4 core cabling minimun


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