EVO-192 Panel (Locked)


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Paradox EVO192 control Panel only
This model has the encrypted serial and use only with Paradox IP150

Excludes metal housing box - large
8 on-board zones(ver 2.6 no ATZ zone doubling available)
Built-in access control features
Supports PCS Series IP Module (IP150) and Voice Module (VDMP3)
In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and Babyware
Compatible with NEware V4.0 or higher
Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature
PGM1 can be used as a 2-wire smoke input
Program remote controls using the master or installer codes
Built-in real-time clock backup battery
1.7A switching power supply
1 supervised bell output auxiliary output and telephone line
Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit - the most reliable dialer in the industry (US Patents 5751803RE39406)
Push button software reset (reset to default values and restart)
Push button to activate or deactivate the Auxiliary output

Zone doubling - ATZ cannot be done on control panel zones 1 to 8
ZX8 expansion boards must be used on wired zones 9 to 192

32 PGM Outputs Max using PGM82

This panel comes in two versions: This model is the encrypted and use only with the IP150. The Unencrypted is for home automation and OLARM
See EVO192 Serial Unlocked


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