6000+ 8 Zone Expandable to 32 Zones


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StayD™ Mode
32 zones (4 on-board; 8 with ATZ) either wireless (using RX1); or hardwired (using ZX82 / ZX8SP / ZX8)
12 PGMs (1 on-board and using PGM4)
2 partitions
32 user codes
4-wire expansion bus (connects up to 15 keypads)
Supports wired sirens
Supports PCS Series
Supports IP150 Internet Module
Supports VDMP3 Plug-In Voice Dialer
Supports PMC5 USB Memory Key
App-based system control via Insite GOLD
Menu-driven programming for the Installer; Master and Maintenance codes
Multiple phone numbers: 3 for monitoring station; 5 for personal dialing and 1 for pager reporting
Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit - the most reliable dialer in the industry
Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature
Push button software reset (reset to default values and restart)
Compatible with RAC1; REM1; REM15 and REM101 remote controls (requires RX1)
In-field firmware upgrade via BabyWare


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